Nyack HS Class of 1955 Yearbook Senior Class Pages "Princesses and Princes"

The 174 senior's pictures start on page 12 of the yearbook and end on Page 40

Page 12. Zita Abel through Alex Beim


Page 13. Ingrid Berger through Gerald Bohr


Page 14. Prentiss Breland through David Chrisman 


Page 15. Alison Church though David Constance

Page 16. Marcia Corbin through Carolyn Cummings


Page 17. Val Dagaev through Carol Dec


Page 18. Stephen Denker through Tommy Entrup


Page 19. Peter Esmay through Justine Fenning


Page 20. Fred Fenton through Roberta Frae


Page 21. Ruth Frohlong through Larry Glatt


Page 22.  Philip Glynn through Larry Hecht


Page 23. Sandy Hill through Hank Israel


Page 24. Martha Jersey through Kathleen Knieriem


Page 25. Jerry Koblin through Kathleen Laracy


Page 26. Mary Leaycraft through Georgia maskell


Page 27. Joy Matrafailo through Betsy Mettler


Page 28. Bob Mock through Joseph Newman


Page 29. Betty Nogy through Lena Olsson


Page 30. Jim O'Mahoney through John Peebles


Page 31. Stephanie Peterman through Irving Pollard


Page 32. Edgar Post through Edward Reiter


Page 33. Janet Rippey through Joan Russ


Page 34. Bob Samuels through George Scheinler


Page 35. Lilyan Schiebel through Courtney Smith


Page 36. Margaret Smith through Barbara Stone AND Herb Conklin



Page 37. Wayne Sweet through Sylvia Toto


Page 38. Helen Traverson through Mickey Walter


Page 39. Janet Wanamaker through William Weschler


Paage 40. June Wicks through Margie Ziegler

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