Nyack High School Class of '55

Nyack High School, now leased to BOCES

These pictures were taken with a digital camera on Sunday, October 8, 2000 at about 11:30 AM. When I left my home in Orange County at about 10 AM, the skies were overcast and I thought I wouldn't get any really good pics, but when I got to Nyack, the skies were clear and sunny. I couldn't get into the locked field entrances to get any closer shots. These are reduced 50% in size. 

Sorry about the sun glare on the one. It's kinda apropos, though! 

Classmate Billy Williams reports he heard on a local radio station (Orange Co., NY) on 01/05/01, a story about strange happenings at the former Nyack HS, now a BOCES facility. It seems the lights go on and off by themselves in the gym, for which the electricians are unable to find a cause. Also in the gym, people have claimed to have seen the ghost of an Indian. The story didn't mention whether this occurrance started after the reunion! 

Urban Legend? More on this when more information is obtained. 

News from 'Reporter At Large' in the January 2004 edition of the Nyack Villager.
"In a light turnout, by a margin of 410 to 89, Nyack school district voters approved the 4.3 million dollar bond issue to pay for repairs to the old Nyack High School. The 75-year old building is scheduled to get new heating and electrical systems. The bond issue is not expected to cost taxpayers more as older bond issues were retired in '03".

Bill Schnakenberg

From Midland Ave.

From the corner of 5th Ave and Midland Ave

From 5th Avenue Near Francis Ave

The Haven Court entrance


From Midland Ave., a day later (Columbus Day) 4:30 PM


Satellite Image of the old Nyack HS Campus


A postcard dated 1931. Pass the cursor over the card to read the back.
Bob M. got this card from his cousin, Barbara Charles Patierno, who got it from a friend.


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