Nyack High School Class of '55

Lena Olsson

The information below was shared by Sheila Finan, Lena's step-sister, and also a member of our class. 

Lena died the night of February 3, 2020 in Oslo, Norway, ending a long battle with cancer. She was then in a Norwegian hospice, content with having decided her next incarnation should be as a hospice nurse, so empathic and compassionate were they with her.

Lena came to the US from Sweden in 1951, spending her first school year at NYC's Julia Richman HS, and moved to Palisades and NHS the next year. She remembered with real pleasure (stimulated as well by Bob D.'s newsletters) her still beloved friends at Nyack. She lived for years in Paris, in Stockholm, in Greece. and in Ireland - with trips to Turkey and Africa. She worked for many years with autistic children in Norway where she was held in high regard.

Lena made collections of exquisite seedpods, from the earth and from the sea - the architecture of birth and continuity of the earth. She thought continuously of the direction the earth was being driven to, but felt a huge change was already on the way, and was delighted in what she saw as a wonderful increase in children's awareness. Lena is survived by her daughter and son.

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