Nyack Class of 55 pen

College Highlights - I attended college at Barnard, then obtained a BA in Geology at the University of New Mexico. Went back to school to get a Masters in Psychology.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I met my husband, John Emerson, while attending the University of New Mexico. We lived at various places - Tallahassee, while John was getting a PhD In Geology; Denver; and then Warrensburg, MO, where John taught.

I have three children, two sons and a daughter, all doing well in various fields of endeavor. No grandchildren as of yet. John and I divorced amicably in 1985.

Career Highlights - After going back to college to get a Masters in Psychology, I worked in a community mental health center in Missouri. After our divorce, I moved to Albuquerque and continued to work as a psychotherapist with the University of New Mexico mental health center.

I retired on September 29, 2000 - thank goodness! Onward and upward to different things.

Anything at all that you may want to say - I plan to move to California within the next six months to live near two of my children. I'm looking at two small towns east of San Diego. Albuquerque has become too crime infested, too hot, and too dry.

I'm interested in collecting rare books and selling them on the Internet. I also plan to travel some.

I have just been back East to visit family and unfortunately can't come that far again so soon. If there is a 50th reunion, I'll be there. In the meantime I sent greetings to everyone.

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