Whit and Jackie - 1999

Nyack Class of 55 pencil

Educational Highlights - U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point NY, BSME 1959.
George Washington University, Washington DC, Graduate courses 1964.
Stanford University, Stanford CA, MSIE 1966.
Foothill College, Los Altos, CA, Industrial. Psychology, 1969
Lumbleau Real Estate School, 1984

Military Highlights - Five years active duty as a Naval Officer, Shipboard Engineering Officer and Instructor at the U. S. Naval Academy.

Marriage and Family Highlights - .I have two daughters and my wife Jackie has two sons, from previous marriages, who live close to us. Jackie has 2 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Career Highlights - 1967 - 1984 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Sunnyvale CA
During my 17-year career at the Marine Division, I progressed from a Design Engineer to the Division Staff Manager responsible for the preparation and negotiation of all Engineering Dept. proposals for the Department of Defense (DOD). In addition I was responsible for the administration of the Engineering Departments Budgets and the Cost, Schedule and Financial performance for all DOD Polaris, Poseidon and Trident Missile Programs, with the direct management of two Supervisor and thirty-six employees

During this period I also participated in the field of retail sales, as an owner or Officer of three successful Bay Area businesses, for purposes of tax relief and hobby/fun.

1984 - 1993 The Group Advantage, Inc., Cupertino CA

After leaving Westinghouse and obtaining my Real Estate License, I joined The Group Advantage, after first getting my feet wet in a new field, at Red Carpet Realty. In less than a year I became a full partner/owner of the company, Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors, while generating a listing and sales volume of from $3M to over $6M annually. In 1989 Jackie had an opportunity to relocate from the Hewlett Packard facility in Cupertino to Roseville. We made the decision to get out of the Bay Area rat race and moved to Rocklin, a pleasant small bedroom community just north of Sacramento and only 5 miles from the HP Roseville facility. From 1990 through 1993, I became the Exclusive Marketing Agent, responsible for the marketing of new construction, both Investor based speculative homes and Build to Suit clientele, for several local Builders in Roseville, Rocklin and Auburn.

1993 - 1998 RE/MAX Advantage, Inc., Rocklin, CA

Working with a Bay Area firm in Placer County did not cut the mustard so I left The Group Advantage and joined RE/MAX in Rocklin, specializing in Residential Resale, New Construction and Build to Suit programs. I also did consultation in the areas of Equity Share/Co-Ownership contracts and Builder contracts/specifications and schedules, prior to retiring in 1997. Jackie had taken an early retirement from HP in 1996, so we were ready to boogie and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - During my Sea Year at the Academy and during my five years of service in the Navy, I was fortunate to travel the world extensively, visiting Europe, the Mediterranean, South and Central America, the Orient and a great deal of the South Seas, including New Guinea. I have visited Europe several times since. After our retiring, Jackie and I rented our home in Rocklin, put all our "stuff" in storage and took off on a 3-year odyssey in our recently purchased Motorhome. We traveled the entire USA, visited Nyack to see the old homestead, visited Kingspoint (USMMA) and the Naval Academy, ate lobster in Maine, spent a winter on the Florida Keys, saw a shuttle launch at Cape Kennedy, visited Disney World, Universal Studios and every Naval/Air Force/NASA museum ever built (including the Smithsonian), walked the entire city of Washington DC, etc., etc. It was a fantastic experience but, after 3 years, Jackie missed her "stuff", so we just moved back into our home in Rocklin and are in the midst of cleaning/painting/remodeling and unpacking. We plan on spending approximately 6 months of the year seeing many of the sights that we missed, including trips to Canada, Alaska and Mexico + hopefully the next NHS reunion. The spring and fall of each year, we plan on spending in our home on the Golf Course in Rocklin and welcome any of my old classmates to visit us.

Hobbies/Sports - In addition to 'motorhoming', we like to golf, ski and fish.

2010 addition,
Hey, you guys do a great job and are to be commended. Although I have not attended a reunion, I enjoy all the memorabilia that you preserve and as I age, the memories are important. I never want to lose the magic that we lived in the "Golden Age", the wonderful 50's. It is a phenomenon that will never be repeated in history. God bless and best wishes.

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