Nyack Class of 55 pencil

College Highlights - University of Rochester, B.A., 1959; New York University School of Medicine, M.D., 1963; Internship, Duke University Medical Center, 1963-64; Pediatric Residency, Columbia-Presbyterian, New York, 1964-66; Neurological Institute, Columbia-Presbyterian, New York, 1968-71; Board certified in Pediatrics in 1968; Board Certified in Neurology and Child Neurology in 1973

Military Highlights - Captain, Strategic Air Command, USAF, 1966-68; 7 years in USAF Reserves

Marriage and Family Highlights - Joan and I were married after college. She has innumerable degrees including bachelors and masters from Columbia and masters and PhD from the University of California in Archeology. She is a Stone Age archeologist at the University of California/Riverside where she is Associate Director of the new Western Center of Archeology.

We have three children - Lisa, Paul, and Marc. Lisa (University of California) after a trial of law in the D.A.'s office is completing her degree in psychology and is interning this year. She is married to an archeologist and has one son, Alex (Ms. Hollenhorst's Kindergarden).

Paul graduated from Thacher School and Columbia and since then has never left NYC. His career is music and he has cut two CDs for Sony that are due for release this Fall.

Marc graduated from the University of Oregon. He has worked extensively in Chile and Mexico. He has just started the International MBA program at the American Graduate School/Thunderbird in Phoenix.

Career Highlights - As a physician, I have always been an academic child neurologist as a teacher, educator, and researcher in a university setting. I left Columbia in 1971 to become an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Loma Linda School of Medicine (California). I became head of the Department and Professor in 1978. I left California in 1993 for an endowed chair of neurology at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine. I remained in Oklahoma until 1997 when I returned to California where I am Clinical Professor of Neurology/Pediatrics at Loma Lima University and have a private consultative child neurology practice in Redlands, California.

I have had sabbaticals as visiting professor at the University of Copenhagen and recently at the University of Sydney.

I am a Fellow of the American Academics of Neurology and Pediatrics, and in 1992 was elected to the American Neurology Association and the National Academy.

Hobbies/Sports - I continue to try to be a fly fisherperson. I have fly fished most of the US, Canada, Alaska, New Zealand, and Chile. I now attempt to combine a business or lecture tour with an encounter with a trout, with the priority being the fish.

Joan and I travel independently or together in her field or mine. At times it becomes difficult to meld the interests of a stone-age archeologist and a neurologist. I recently tried to give a fly fishing course in Israel, but there was little interest until I returned to neurology.

However, each year on my birthday, Joan says that I am definitely looking far more acceptable with each passing year. When we are both in town, we take grandson Alex and head to the beach.

Anything at all that you may want to say - Attending the reunion would be memorable as I have rarely seen any high school classmates since I left high school in my senior year to enroll in a National Science Foundation college program at St. Mark's School in Massachusetts.

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