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College Highlights - College of New Rochelle, AB, 1959; Iona Hagan School of Business, MBA, 1986; College of New Rochelle Graduate School, MSE, 1996; NYS Certification in Speech, Reading and Special Education.

Marriage and Family Highlights - Married Michael Iachetta, 1960, at St. Anthony's Church in Nanuet. Lived in Piermont and New York City (Stuyvesant Town) before moving to Scarsdale in 1967. We have four children and one grandchild. Son, Michael Stephen, 38, Columbia grad, single, Ph.D. in Politics from University of Dallas, adjunct professor in Dallas, TX area, an Evangelical Christian looking for full time college position. Daughter Stephanie Marie, 35, Fordham grad, St. Vincent's School of Nursing, registered nurse in Reading, PA, married to Alan King. Charles Joseph, 33, Fordham grad, advertising copywriter, lives in New Rochelle, NY, with wife Elna Jelstrup and daughter Elise, age 2 1/2. Daughter, Martha Katherine, 32, Boston College grad, U Mass in Boston, MEd in counseling psychology, single, massage therapist at Wellspace in Watertown, MA and also Alcohol and Other Drug Educator and Counselor at Wellesley College.

Homemaker and Career Highlights - I was a speech therapist for South Orangetown School District in Rockland County the first 3 years out of college. Stay-at-home-mommy for 15 years. 15-year career with IBM (White Plains and New York City). Early retirement. Career change. Tutor for young adults with learning disabilities. 5 years part time with Iona College's College Assistance Program tutoring college students with learning disabilities.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - Helps to have a husband who has been a travel writer for the past 25 years. Most of his travel is sans wife but I have done my share. Recent journeys I particularly enjoyed were traveling the Hudson River, Erie Canal and St. Lawrence Waterway and cruising in Alaska (awesome).

Hobbies/Sports - Used to play a lot of tennis but haven't picked up a racquet in over 10 years. Returned to ballet class (stop laughing) and still enjoy the movement. Recovering from slipped disk and muscle atrophy. Now follow Pete Egoscue Exercise program on a daily basis ( Just back from a week at the Egoscue Clinic in San Diego. Aerobic walking several times a week.

Civic/Church Activities - Former Confirmation teacher and RENEW leader. Lector at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (IHM), Scarsdale, NY. Facilitator for Centering Prayer (Contemplative Outreach of Westchester) at IHM. Enrolled in 9-month course, The Practice of Contemplative Living, presented by Contemplative Outreach staff (2nd weekend of every month, September 2000 to May 2001) at St. Andrew's Retreat House, Walden, NY. Measurable goal: to do the things I want to do with greater ease and enjoyment.

Achievements/Awards/Outstanding Events - $40,000 award from IBM for one of my creative ideas. Promptly spent the money for a new kitchen -- easy come, easy go. College of New Rochelle Grad School Summa Cum Laude. Phi Delta Kappa. Journal article about son Charles' struggle with his learning disability. Co-edited "What is Healing Prayer All About?" by Father Peter McCall, OFM and Maryanne Lacy. During last 5 years of my mother's life, she was an invalid with dementia and emphysema and lived with my husband and me. With Mom's encouragement, I wrote the family history as a group of short stories, grouped by season, and included the family recipes. My brothers contributed stories as well. A fun family documentary. Also, wrote A Caregiver's Guide to Healing Meals. When Mom died, I stopped my efforts to get the Caregiver's Guide published. Will go back to it again but without the caregiver slant. Currently working on a Daily Spiritual Reader, selections from the works of Thomas Keating, O.C.S.O., the Trappist monk who is the leader of the Centering Prayer movement and founder of Contemplative Outreach. (

Anything at all you want to say - Thanks to Bob Merkert for coordinating this reunion. Looking forward to seeing everybody.

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