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Nyack Class of 55 pencil

College Highlights - I graduated from Brown University and attended classes at Columbia Law School and the George Washington Business School.

Military Highlights - Lt., U.S. Navy, four years (Atlantic Fleet, Cuban Missile Crisis, Naval Intelligence - one of the great oxymorons - Washington, DC)

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married in 1962 and had two sons, John B. and Matthew C. I was divorced in 1979. In 1986 I was remarried to Pamela. We live in Baltimore and Key West. Pamela is retiring as an Interior Designer and becoming a painter. Stepdaughter Samantha is getting married in San Francisco this October.

John and Sirpa (a Finnish biochemist who is both beautiful and smart) live in Greenwich, Connecticut. John is my partner and runs the Kostmayer Associates Greenwich office.

Matt is my partner in Kostmayer Associates and also has an office in Baltimore.  When he's not running marathons, mountain climbing, scuba diving, extreme sking or competing in squash tournaments he helps run Baltimore's Parks and People program.

My mother died of Lou Gehrig's disease two years ago. My 85 year old father remarried and lives in Key West and New York City.

My brother, Peter, a former congressman from Pennsylvania is in Washington, DC and Bucks County, Pennsylvania running 2PG, an environmental and population association.

My brother, John, is a writer (mostly plays and films) and lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi with his artist wife, Martha Ferris.

Career Highlights - Financial Services, Sales and Marketing. I wrote a paper in Business School on variable annuities and enthusiastically pursued it - largely because I needed a job. I was part of a small group who sold a variable annuity company to Aetna and was active providing retirement plans to non-profit corporations.

President of broker-dealer and marketing officer for SunAmerica prior to being a founder and chief marketing officer of the Copeland Companies. The company was acquired by Travelers/Citigroup. I have been happily running a small executive search firm, Kostmayer Associates, for the past 15 years.

Hobbies/Sports - Pamela loves yoga and walking and I'm still trying to play tennis. We enjoy travel and hiking. We recently returned from the wilds of Alaska and are looking forward to an ambitious two-week hike around Monte Rosa in the Italian Alps.

Anything at all that you may want to say - I was sorry to hear about our deceased classmates. I had known of John (Brady) Peebles' passing for some time and have thought about him on occasion. He was talented and I both liked and admired him.

About 20 something years ago I literally bumped into Ms. Evangeline MacLaren in Acapulco. She pretended to remember our class and me and we had a brief but delightful chat.

All the above doesn't reflect the myriad mistakes, flawed decisions, errors, omissions, struggles and generally humbling experiences that were the majority, and most valuable, parts of the journey since last we spoke (1955). Nor does it fairly recognize the prominent roles of luck and good friends when fortune did smile.

Best personal regards to all of my classmates.

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