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Marriage and Family Highlights - In 1958 I got married and moved to LaRochelle, France to be with my husband, Jack Willis. We returned home the end of 1959 and had three children; Dan who is 40 and Sue who is 34. We lost Jeffrey who died at the age of 7 due to a bad heart. Jack and I parted ways in 1971.

In 1973 I married Mike Bachleda and we have a daughter Kim who is 25. We went upstate to visit our classmate Barbara Graham and liked the area so much that we moved to Scotia in 1974.

We have a grandson Danny - age 16 - who plays hockey all over - he's trying for a Union College Scholarship. We also have a granddaughter Julia - who is 3 and Julia will be having a sister this December. All our children and family live in Scotia.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - After graduation I went right to work at Lederle Lab. In 1956 I got to go on a 10-day tour of Europe with a group from Lederle Lab.

I also worked for Jardine Ins Brokers for 15 years. I took an early retirement package from Jardine.

Mike and I opened a Tobacco Shop in Saratoga Springs 6 years ago and our business is growing every year. Cigars are a must at the racetrack. We've done Cigar nights locally and had D. Wayne Lucas (a well known horse trainer) as our guest speaker at a local Holiday Inn. Saratoga is the place to be, so we brought a home near our store to stay in during our busy seasons; but our main home is in Scotia.

Hobbies - I enjoy playing the piano and love to do counted cross-stitch.

Anything at all that you may want to say - If you are ever in Saratoga, please stop in Saratoga Cigar & Pipe on Route 9 in Saratoga Springs and say 'hello'. I'm sorry I can't make the Reunion - we'll be flying in from Aruba late Saturday night into Albany Airport. Hope to see you at the 50th or 55th.

(Update 8/26/2005)
As of August 2005, I now have 2 grandchildren from my son Dan.  Danny is now 21 and Taryn is 1.  I also have 3 grandchildren  from Kim.  Julia is almost 8, Sarah is 4 and Ricky is 2.  We still run our Cigar store in Saratoga, NY.  February 2004 I suffered a stroke which has left me partially disabled on my right side."

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