Martha E. Jersey

Nyack Class of 55 pen  

School/College Highlights – Nyack High School

Marriage and Family Highlights – I married Gordon Keene. We have two children, Susan Eileen and Richard Gordon. They blessed us with five lovely grandchildren.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights – I worked as a Clerk at Lederle Labs from June, 1955 through April, 1972. From May, 1972 through February, 1986 I was the Assistant Business Office Supervisor for Payroll and Personnel at Mattie Williams Hospital. Thanks to my high school teachers and their encouragement, I was able to use all the accounting and secretarial skills that they taught me.

I am now happily retired!

Travel/Vacation Highlights – We do quite a bit of traveling, especially to New York State to visit family. Have been to Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore and Dollywood, TN. We have a winter home in Florida and enjoy our time there.

Hobbies/Sports – Crocheting, Flower Gardening, Photography (I love to take pictures), and Grandparenting (luckily, they all live close to one another).

Civic/Church/Political Activities – I am a member of the Presbyterian Church in Cedar Bluff, VA.

Achievements/Awards/Outstanding Events – I have won all kind of ribbons at local fairs for canning and crocheting. It may sound corny, but around this part of the country it is a big deal.

Anything at all that you may want to say – We live a simple, quiet life here on our 91 acres. There are lots of deer, bear, fox, squirrels and so on. This place is ‘Heaven’ on earth.

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