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College Highlights - I went to work in the medical library at Lederle immediately following graduation. Roy graduated from Manhattan College with a BS in Chemistry. Our family had another definition for BS. Roy went to graduate school evenings for 20 years, studying almost everything. I mention this because, as every wife, mother and homemaker knows, 50% of every degree earned by your family belongs to you. Roy also has an MBA in finance. During Roy 's higher education I also took classes, this is known in the family as my "touchy-feely years."

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married Roy Kesting (my Manhattan man), November 17, 1956, in St. Ann's Church, Nyack. We moved to Pennsylvania and I came back to Nyack to work at Lederle when Roy was in the Army. We had our first baby in Nyack and sadly he lived only 5 days. We then went on to have four wonderful children (Kathy, Roy, Joyce and Bill) who have grown up and are all happily married. We are fortunate to have 8 grandchildren, 5 step-grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - We followed Roy's career path living in Levittown PA, Baton Rouge LA, and Buffalo, NY. In 1968 we established roots in Wayne, NJ and have lived in the same house ever since. While we lived in Buffalo, Roy and I were foster parents to many newborn babies, who were adopted within 3-4 months. Our whole family and the neighborhood enjoyed caring for the babies very much. In 1984 we started our own business. This meant no more nighttime feedings, just nighttime worries. Things run pretty smooth now.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - Our family works and plays hard together. Although we have traveled in Europe and all over the US, Disney World is still our favorite. One of our sons (Roy J.) lives in Orlando. While Roy J was stationed (Air Force) in the Philippines, he brought his wife and 5 children into our family. Our whole family has enjoyed the Filipino culture joining our mix of Italian, Irish and German. The food is great and the language fun to attempt.

Hobbies/Sports - We are blessed by having a full family life, church, work and our community in Wayne, NJ.

Achievements/Awards/Outstanding Events - Roy and I both agree that, above any award we have received, being married 44 years, and praying there will be many more years together is our greatest achievement.

Anything else that you may want to say - Roy and I have always been impressed with how much our formative years in Nyack did for us. Living near the beautiful Hudson River, the long summers of catching sunfish in Rockland and Congers lakes, swimming at the "Tap" are all fond memories. Stealing or borrowing apples at Dr. Bernard's fields, watching his elephants, tigers and (no not bears) monkeys in their cages, getting chased by those scary big dogs when we climbed the apple trees are some other memories. The best was cutting class and climbing Hook Mountain to be together. It is still fun to return to Nyack.

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