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Where we lived - Moved from Nyack to Pearl River; then to Middlebush, NJ, Basking Ridge NJ, and finally to Bedminister, NJ. Each move was to find a bigger house [four children take up a lot of space] and to try to live in a rural area.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I am married to Steve Orbine (also Class of 1955) and had four children - Stephen, Jim, Bill and Laura. This made me too busy to work so I spent quite a few years being the typical Mom. Happy to say all children became successful adults.

Stephen has a job with Rutgers and 2 part-time jobs, one out of his home, and the other which sends him off on trips to China -- all of a technical nature that is beyond my understanding. Jim is an automotive technician, and owns his own service station, which is almost as good as having a doctor in the family. Bill is probably one of the best cabinetmakers in New Jersey, and works with Steve out of their own shop "The Woodsmith". Bill also has become very interested in driving his little racecar in MicroSprint racing. We spend Saturday evenings as his cheering section, and occasionally his pit crew. Laura has a business degree and works at an environmental business. She recently took up photography, which looks like it will become a business soon. All kids live within shouting range so see them often.

We are also blessed with seven grandchildren - [thanks to Stephen and Jim], there are 4 girls and 3 boys, ranging in ages 11 to a year. Of course, they are all are adorable!!

Travel/Vacation Highlights - While the kids were young we all took a lot of trips around the country and into Canada with a travel trailer. I think the most unusual trip I ever took was with friends [the family did not think of this trip as an ideal way to spend a week]. We went mule/horse packing into the New Mexico Rocky Mountains. For 6 days we were isolated in the mountains-[no electric or running water]. rode the trails and spent the evenings with campfires and cowboys spinning tales. It was easy to sleep well after a long day, even though it was only in a tent on hard ground. With no contact with the outside world it really was a vacation from worry and stress, and time didn't matter - just be back in camp before dark.

Hobbies/Career Highlights - When the kids were old enough to go to school I went back to one of my favorite sports- horseback riding. I chose a local riding establishment - Lord Stirling Stable, operated by Somerset County. After taking lessons for a few years, I was asked if I'd like to be an instructor. So for the last 14 years that has been one part-time job. I also have a barn at home, so board a few horses, which is another part time job.

Civic Activities - I helped to establish a support group for the stable, "Friends of the Stable". We wanted to attract more people to use the facilities so the Powers That Be didn't turn it into a golf course. We started with 6 members, and are now close to 400. I served as board member, treasurer, secretary, vice-president and president-and now do a lot of volunteer work for our different events that we run.

Anything else that you may want to say - I am glad we are having a reunion and am interested in hearing about everyone's life since

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