Then...       and       Now

College Highlights - Religion major, B.A., College of Wooster, 1959
MALS, Rosary Graduate School of Library Science, 1975
MPS, Loyola University, Chicago, Institute of Pastoral Studies, 1991

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married the Rev. Dr. Robert Chesnut in June 1959. We have two children, Andrew and Elizabeth. Andrew teaches Latin American history at the University of Houston and Elizabeth is a social worker.

Andrew and his wife, Viviana have two children, Vanessa (4) and Nicholas (18 months). Nicholas was born prematurely, weighing 1 pounds. He is our miracle grandson who survived numerous surgeries and pneumonia.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - I have worked as a librarian for 25 years. I have been a Branch Head, High School Librarian, and Children's Librarian. Presently, I work part-time as a reference librarian in the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - I have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. I have been fortunate to have traveled to Europe, the Middle East, India, and Latin America. My husband and I have led church tours to Israel, Egypt, India, and Guatemala.

Hobbies/Sports - I am an amateur photographer, love to travel, and enjoy walking, singing, and reading.

Civic/Church/Political Activities - I have been active in the Presbyterian Church all my life. I've been an elder, and deacon, and I am currently chairing the Board of Deacons. I am also a trained Spiritual Director and offer classes on the spiritual life.
I have worked on justice issues all my life - ERA, civil rights movement, human rights abuses in Central America and other 3rd world countries, and environmental concerns.

Achievements/Awards/Outstanding Events -

1 - I have been a board member of the Sister Parish National Organization that links Christian Churches in North America with poor churches in Latin America.
2 - Introduced the Labyrinth, a prayer form, to my present congregation.
3 - I am presently writing a book on my own faith journey.

Significant Accomplishment - My most significant accomplishments have been my wonderful marriage of 41 years, being a mother, and now a grandmother.

Anything at all that you may want to say - It has been wonderful to connect with Karen Dahlberg Vander Ven in Pittsburgh. We live only a few blocks away.

Lastly, having lived in various parts of the U.S., I appreciate what an excellent education I received at Nyack High School. I am grateful for all the diversity that was there.

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