Nyack Class of 55 pencil

College Highlights - BA Psychology and Education, Roanoke College, Salem, VA. Soccer and track teams four years.

I was captain of the soccer team in my senior year. The track team was undefeated six years in a row - an NCAA record.

Military Highlights - Served as a Personnel Psychology Specialist in the Army for two years.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married Elizabeth in 1980. We have five kids between us - four sons and a daughter (the baby). Our daughter has our only grandchild (to date). Grandson Eric is four. He is a handful of energy and keeps us on our toes. Beth and Eric live in New Hampshire as do sons Jim and Mark. Bill and Seth live in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA. We all got together this July, along with the rest of my family, to celebrate my Mom's 100th birthday.

Career Highlights - I started with Insurance Company of North America in White Plains in 1962. Later I moved to the Boston office and handled NH and VT territory as an Engineering and Safety representative. Eventually moved up to Sr. Rep and then to Manager of the Dept and also Underwriting Mgr.

After a merger with Connecticut General we became CIGNA Corp. I was promoted to Regional Director of the engineering/safety dept in Boston and handled New England. After 29 years I left CIGNA for a position at Maryland Casualty as a Manager in Harrisburg, PA. A year later I was promoted to Regional Director for PA, NJ and NYC/Long Island territory. Finally I was promoted to Vice President and ran the Engineering and Safety Services Dept. for the company in the Home Office in Baltimore. In 1998 our parent company, Zurich Ins. took over and I retired.

During my career I was a professional member of ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) and a designated CSP (Certified Safety Professional).

Travel/Vacation Highlights - Over the years we spent our vacations on Lake Champlain in South Hero, VT. We did lots of sun and swimming for the kids. We added a boat and water skiing about 1985. With the boat Elizabeth became interested in bass and northern pike fishing. Now she is unbearable. She always manages to catch more and bigger fish. (She is good!!)

Some of our most memorable vacation trips with the family were to Disneyland, various Florida beach vacations, and a camping trip through Nova Scotia. The highlight trip with the family was four years ago to a church in Medjugorje in Bosnia. Mary, mother of Jesus, has been appearing to six visionaries there since they were children. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit daily. It was inspiring to say the least. Bosnia was a little intimidating with the political atmosphere being what it was. We went from there to Rome and Assisi in Italy, for several days. The artwork and food in Italy was the best. I love Italian food and a good wine to go with it.

Elizabeth and I have been fortunate to visit many countries. Two of our favorites are Ireland and Mexico, particularly Cozumel. For spring sun and sand, however, we still like Sanibel and Captiva in Florida best, and summers on Lake Champlain.

Hobbies/Sports - I was a referee for soccer in Rockland County for a few years after the Army, and in NH for 25 years.

Lots of camping, fishing, water-skiing and snow skiing with the family over the years. Trout fishing became a passion and I spent a lot of my time with Trout Unlimited, a conservation organization focused on cold-water fisheries. I helped start chapters in Congers and then in N.H., MA, VT and Maine. I was National Director for several years and National membership Chairman for three years. I still fish for trout and salmon but have added salt-water fish like tarpon and bonefish. Gardening is becoming more and more a pastime since retirement too.

Civic/Church/Political Activities - I've stayed away from politics and, looking at the present conditions I intend to continue that policy. I consider myself a conservative with a real concern for humanity. I don't see anything out there that is reasonable.

Elizabeth and I are both active in our Catholic Church in outreach programs and as Eucharistic ministers. Trying to live what our faith teaches is our main activity now. Funny how that happens as one gets older.

Anything at all that you may want to say - I'm still retired and enjoying it. I have been thinking of doing some consulting work a few days a week but haven't made an effort yet. We just finished renovations to the kitchen and built a screened porch onto our 30 year old home here in Francestown (population 1200). We are relaxing a little for the first time in several months. We purchased a new boat two weeks ago for some fishing and water skiing when next summer comes around. Now, I think its time my grandson and I go fishing for sunfish.

About the reunion - I'm looking forward to renewing old friendships and talking with all of you. I feel I need to say something about two classmates who we won't see at the reunion. Both were good friends. Ed Faccioli - Crazy Ed accidentally dropped a cup of wine all over my head while I was in my sleeping bag during a winter camping trip with the Boy Scouts. Did you ever hear such an infectious laugh as Ed's?

Don Rose and I spent pre-high school days together and were like brothers. As S. King said in "Stand By Me", were there ever friendships as close as when you were twelve years old??? Not likely! I miss those guys.

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