Then...      and      Now

College Highlights - I graduated from St. Luke's Hospital, S.O.N., 1958; scattered Psych courses at community college.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I was married in 1958 and have five children and five grandchildren.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - I "dabbled" in the nursing profession while raising the children - Head Nurse, pediatrics; newborn nursery; school nurse; doctor's office nurse; coordinated the young mothers Educational Development Program at the local BOCES, acting as nurse/educator.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - Very active camping while raising the children - Myrtle Beach was my favorite place. Sporadic jaunts later on included Key West, the Virgin Islands, Baja, Sea of Cortez (sailing trip), and Long Beach Island (I have an efficiency unit on LBI - "I Love LBI").

Hobbies/Sports - "Used to be" bowling, baking, sewing, crocheting, hiking, crafts, and piano. "Now" it is dancing, walking, crafts, piano, crocheting, and traveling.

Civic Activities - Jayncees (affiliate of the Junior Chamber of Commerce). I held all offices.

Achievements - My main achievement since high school has been, and remains, my family - my children and grandchildren. Combined, they constantly supply me with love, challenge, excitement, motivation, and a "reason to stay young".

Anything at all that you may want to say - We have a very unique group, our graduating class. We "stick together" and care about one another while on our life's journey. We are special!

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