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Marriage and Family Highlights - I have been married to Ken Whitten for 31 years. I was previously married. I have 2 children, both of whom live in Arizona. My oldest son, Ed Chamberlain, is a Phoenix fireman/paramedic. Ed attended Scottsdale Community College and Arizona State University. Ed has 2 girls, Kelsey Rae, 10, and Amanda Georgia, 2 years old. Ed's extra time is spent sailing with his wife and children on the California coast, Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California and Lake Pleasant in Arizona, where he belongs to the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club. He recently skippered a cruise to San Carlos, Mexico.

My younger son, Jeff Chamberlain, works for QWEST in marketing and sales. Jeff is a graduate of Cochise College and attended bible college in Phoenix and is a licensed pastor. Jeff has a son, Daniel, who is 9 years old. Jeff is a golfer and basketball player. I have 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws, Jody and Jackie.

My family also consists of my Whitten children, who I acquired through Ken. They are Gary, Cathy and Cindy. Gary lives in Arizona, and has a daughter, Julie. Gary works for Southern California Edison, in Laughlin, Nevada. Cathy also lives in Arizona and has a daughter, Sarah, who is 15 years old. Cindy lives in Florida. Both Gary and Cindy attended forestry school in Lake City, Florida. Our combined families get along well. We celebrate holidays together and deeply care for one another. Needless to say, our grandchildren bring a lot of happiness to our lives. We have lived in Arizona for 24 years.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - I have worked almost all of my adult life! My first job after graduation was at Metropolitan Life in New York City. I then went to work at Lederle Labs in the Accounting and Personnel Departments, until the birth of my first child. Then I took a short break! ! and worked at home for my husband. I returned to the outside work world, at Carworth Farms in New City until we moved to Bayville, New Jersey. I then worked for Giordano, Giordano & Halloran (law office) in Toms River, NJ and then returned to New York and worked for Orville Mann, an attorney in Nyack, then Judge Ed Flynn in New City and Granik, Garson, Silverman & Nowicki, another law office in New City.
Then we moved to Arizona. I have worked for the same attorney in Phoenix for approximately 21 years. He was a former City Councilman in Phoenix. Through him I have known some really neat people - Sandra Day O'Connor (Supreme Court Justice) and Margaret Hance, who was Phoenix's first woman mayor. I have had a lot of good times in my working life. I am going to semi-retire in November -I will give up the 65 miles a day commute -and work part-time, closer to home.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - My husband loves to travel. We traveled extensively in the continental US, have been to Canada, Europe - including England, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. In 1991 we went on a cruise to Alaska (beautiful). We have been to Hawaii twice (also beautiful) -lucky Elaine Alpert, James MacArthur and John Simonds! ! and of course, anyone who lives in Arizona has been to Mexico. We are going to Nassau in the Bahamas in November for our 31st wedding anniversary. Unfortunately we are leaving November 11, the day of the reunion, so will not be able to make the reunion.

Hobbies/Sports - My husband I golf, although arthritis has slowed me down, and we bicycle. Now my biking is limited to a few blocks in our little neighborhood! ! No Tour de' France! ! But my favorite hobby is watercolor -and have had a couple of exhibits and sold several paintings.

Civic/Church/Political Activities - I attend the Episcopal Church. Before we moved, I worked as a volunteer nurse's aid through the Red Cross at Nyack Hospital. I am a volunteer at Crisis Nursery, a haven for abused children, but am not active now. I hope to do more after I retire.

Anything else that you may want to say - I am really sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion. We had a wonderful class. I am enjoying the web site and catching up on everyone. I personally want to thank Bob Merkert and Bill Schnakenberg for their hard work. It has been such a delight to read about the reunion and where you all are and what you are doing and have done. I contacted Phyllis Oettinger and will continue to keep in touch with her. I know you will have a wonderful reunion- and I'll be there for the next one. If you are ever in Arizona, or have thought about coming to Arizona, give me a call and come see us! In the meantime, everyone stay well and most of all, happy.

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