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Nyack Class of 55 pencil

College Highlights - University of Colorado, Fairleigh Dickinson; I started with engineering, then switched to advertising.

Military Highlights - Drafted into the Army (Jim O'Mahoney and I went through Basic together).

Marriage and Family Highlights - Didn't fare all that well in that department--two marriages-two divorces. However, I am the proud father of a wonderful son. Eric Edward Schweikardit (you probably know where the Edward came from) graduated from the University of Colorado and lives in Boulder, CO. He is the CEO of his own web company.

Career Highlights - It has been a long time since Bob Merkert and I lugged that heavy old Graphic around shooting pictures for the yearbook, but a camera his never been far from my hands. After college and the army I worked for a newspaper, assisted other photographers and freelanced until in 1966 I was asked to become a contract photographer for Sports Illustrated and the following year also for Life magazine.

I was fortunate to be able to shoot everything from football and Olympics to presidential elections and space launches. In that time I also gained a reputation as a marine (sailing) specialist and do a lot of Work in the boating field. In 1983 I decided to concentrate more on advertising photography and worked on national ads for many clients. To date I have shot over 350 magazine covers, (still going-will never retire--too much fun!). I have also produced many calendars including sailing, skiing, car racing and scenic. Few people can say that they truly love their jobs - I think I have had the greatest!! My career has given me many fantastic experiences from flying weightless to climbing in Alaska to sailing ocean races. A lot of work and some not so great events (two helicopter crashes), but I wouldn't trade anything.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - My work has provided me with the opportunity to travel every state (except Montana--and I'm' going fishing there next summer) and much of the world on assignments. As far as vacations, I can usually be found sailing my boat along the New England Coast or on a charter in the Caribbean or South Pacific.

Hobbies/Sports - Skiing, Fly fishing, Woodworking, Tennis and Sailing

Achievements/Awards/Outstanding Events - I have been in quite a few exhibitions including The International Center for Photography, Museum of Modern Art and was honored to be the first American and the first photographer to have a one man show at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, England. In 1983-84, The Image Bank (stock photo agency) sponsored an exhibit of my work that traveled to 47 countries. In 1971 I was named magazine sports photographer of the year.

Anything at all that you may want to say - It is hard to believe that so many years have passed since we were at NHS. We have all had very different lives and experiences. I hope the good ones far outweigh the others and wish you all the very best in health and joy for the future.

Fair winds - Eric

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