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Nyack Class of 55 pencil

In 1961 I had served two years in the Army, had studied at the Arts Student League, and the School of Visual Arts. And was working as a commercial artist in New York. I had met Joann the year before and we were engaged and got married the following year, November of '62. The spring of '63 I took a job at a furniture company in New Hampshire designing their small furniture line and producing their catalogues. December of that year our first son Everett Jr. was born.

In 1965 I formed the partnership of Charters and Zebliski, builders of custom homes. This same spring our second son Christopher was born. In 1980 I became sick with Polycystic Kidneys and left my work partner of almost twenty years. I built a shop next to our farmhouse in Maine and started designing and building furniture. My condition worsened and in 1990 I received a Kidney transplant.

In 95 with both our sons living on the west coast, Joann and I decided to leave New England and in August we drove cross country to retire in California.

I returned to watercolor painting and have been moderately successful. I haven't run out of paint or paper yet. Joann has taken a serious interest in Holistic Medicine and works at Healing Arts.

(Added 2005)
Since the last class reunion my wife and I have moved to Oregon and have bought a home in a small town west of Portland, Or. we are now retired and living in Forest Grove.
I want to thank you and Bob for all the work you both have done on the class reunions of both 45 and 50. It has helped me reunite with a good number of my former classmates. Its been a go experience looking back and remembering my years at Nyack High. I have found it rather hard recognizing some of our classmates in the reunion photos, but never the less it has been a good experience.
For those from the class of 55 that want a good laugh and remember that tall, skinny kid, I was. I will send a new photo of that same kid only a few pounds heaver and older; as we approach our fiftieth year reunion 

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