School/College Highlights - I went to Traphagen School of Fashion in New York City and received an associate in Fashion Illustration.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I was married in 1959 to Stuart L. Gates. We have 4 surviving children - Thomas, Glen, Karen and Wayne; a fifth child died. We have one grandson who is 6 years old.

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - I was head of the Art Department at 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City for a weekly publication that was sent to store buyers across the United States. After I was married I stayed home with the children.

Today I do consignments of painted scenes on handsaws and blades. It sure keeps me busy. My artwork continues on. Mr. Reed, my high school art teacher, would be happy to hear this.

Hobbies/Sports - All kinds of crafts and gardening, mostly flowers. I also have a Fish Pond that keeps me busy.

Civic/Church/Political Activities - I belonged to and was President, Secretary, and Financial Secretary to a number of Volunteer Fireman's Ladies Auxiliary in the county and Hudson Valley. I also volunteer in the Boy and Girl Scouts and Church activities with the children.

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