Nyack Class of 55 pencil

School/College Highlights - Dartmouth College, BA Economics, 1959; Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College, MBA Marketing & Finance, 1960

Military Highlights - Captain, Field Operations Intelligence, US Army Military Intelligence (the ultimate oxymoron) 1960-1964. Initially I was on temporary duty attending various schools, for example, Infantry School, Jump School, Intelligence School, and Army Language School, and then subsequently served in Europe and Asia.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married Lillian Mirtana Vitaly in 1962 and subsequently had three children, Kenneth --1963, Catherine --1966 and Michael --1979. Yes, there was quite a gap between Cathi and Mike! At present, Kenneth is attending University of Washington graduate school for a master's degree in education. Cathi has her Doctorate in Pharmacology and is teaching at University of California, San Francisco as well as working at UC Hospital. Mike is working towards a degree in Finance at the local university. Much to the chagrin of Lillian all are still single, therefore, no grandchildren.

Career Highlights - After the service, I worked for Ford Division, Ford Motor Company (1965- 1972) in a variety of marketing and sales positions. Started in Dearborn, Michigan and was subsequently assigned to the San Jose District, Western Region. I came home one night and told Lillian I had been promoted to a regional position in Kansas City. Her response was "Have a nice trip!" I forgot to mention Lillian is a native Californian, born and raised in San Francisco. Since family is more important than career, I left Ford and went to work for Spreckels Sugar Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amstar Corporation, with headquarters in San Francisco. In 1985 a group of us did an LBO (leveraged buyout) and bought the sugar company and seven other companies from the parent (Amstar). I became President of Spreckels at that time and managed the company until the mid-ninety's when we decided to sell the sugar company to a strategic buyer. At that time I accepted the "golden handshake" and walked into the sunset. Best move I ever made in my life. I figure it will add 10 years to my life to be retired from the corporate pressure cooker. Since retirement, I have done some agri-business consulting for various firms and the government. In addition, I am an EA (Enrolled Agent) with the IRS and work as an independent contractor for a CPA firm doing corporate, partnership, fiduciary, and individual tax work.

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