Carolyn Cummings Then...   and   Now


2015 Update: To catch up a little, I still live in Tacoma. Moved 3 years ago from my 20 year home to a little smaller house, but still in the north end of town.

Involved in a book club, a writing group, my wonderful progressive, welcoming church, and get together with lots of friends. I now have twin great-grandsons who are three and a half, and I take care of them most Fridays.

Next big event is the wedding of a granddaughter on May 16th.


School Highlights - Got an MSW at U of WA in '79

Marriage and Family Highlights - I got married in '59. Now divorced. I have four kids and 5 grands

Homemaker and/or Career Highlights - Did counseling, then an antique business.  Am really retired now, but am writing.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - I lived briefly in S.C. (he was Navy) then grad school in Rochester, then a year in Detroit, then 12 years all together in Alaska.

Anything else that you may want to say - It was fun to see names that I had forgotten, and people that I remember well.


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