College Highlights - I completed a secretarial finishing program at Becker Junior College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Marriage and Family Highlights - I married Doug Coyle. We have three children. Roger is now living in the Boston area and is a Financial Planner for American Express. Nancy, a mother of four, is teaching fifth grade in the Liverpool, NY, School District. Tricia retired from her Investment Banking position with Merrill Lynch to raise her two children

Certainly our most pride possessions are our six grandchildren, the oldest entering her senior year in high school How time flies!

Career Highlights - After college I worked as a private secretary for the head of Microbiology at Lederle Laboratories for two years. I then left that position to raise our three children. I later returned to work for the Clarkstown School District as a Library Assistant. I retired after 22 years of service.

Travel/Vacation Highlights - After grandchildren our next passion is traveling. Doug and I especially enjoy driving ourselves through the picturesque villages of Europe.

Hobbies/Sports - The lure of Florida has caught up with us. We have recently purchased a villa in Bonita Springs and are now official "snowbirds". It is located in the Highland Woods Country Club on Route 41. You guessed it - we are golfers!

Anything at all that you may want to say - So sorry I cannot attend the reunion. Doug and I had pre-arranged to leave for Florida on November 1st, with commitments waiting for us. If you are ever in our area when in Florida, please drop by and say "hello".

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