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Marriage, Family and Career Highlights - Mike Growney and I were married the same year that I graduated - in December 1955. We have raised five sons, had many adventures and, along the way, have seen and done a lot.

In 1958 Mile returned to Dartmouth College and we lived in Hanover, New Hampshire for two years. Our first son was born in Nyack Hospital, the second in Mary Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire. The third son was born in Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, New Jersey just before we left for Harvard Law School.

Mike attended Harvard Law School for the usual three years, graduating in June 1963. We sold our home in Arlington, Massachusetts and returned to Nyack in October 1963.

In the next few years our fourth and fifth sons were born - making the basketball team complete!

We have lived in Upper Nyack since 1963. Mike is currently the Upper Nyack Village Justice, which he does part-time along with his investment business. He seems to be wishing that the law would interest me. If you recall, I was your representative for five years in the school court and in senior year presided over the court.

In 1982 one of my sons encouraged suggested I learn to be an umpire for the local sports teams. I had seen my sons compete and had offered many a suggestion to the officials on the field. This same son suggested it would teach me humility, along with the exercise! I have been officiating Lacrosse and Field Hockey games for 17 years. I also did swim meets locally. The lacrosse games took me to West Point, Columbia, Fordham College, as well as many public and private schools in Rockland, Westchester, and Fairfield, Connecticut counties. When folks ask me how long I have been a referee my response is - "forever - I had two brothers and five sons!"

After raising five sons and seeming to be sane, I can honestly say it has been a great challenge. My eldest son is not married; however, the other four are. Edward Michael III, who works for Verizon and lives in New York City. Kenneth Eric is married to Rhonda and lives in Highland Mills, NY; they have two children, K. Eric, Jr. and Brynne and a third due in December.

Jeffrey Thomas is married to Page and they have four children - two sons, J. Thomas, Jr. (10) and Edward Preston - known as Ted - (8). The two daughters are Mettler (yes, that's her first name!) who is five and Elizabeth who is three. They live in New Canaan, Connecticut - as does my fourth son - Kevin Patrick. Kevin is married to Tracy from Greenfield, Massachusetts. Brian Waterman, my fifth, is married to Johanna from West Nyack; they live in the City.

Along the way I have held several jobs to keep me busy and off the streets! I worked as a Nursery School teacher for eight years, then did secretarial work for my neighbor who is a Psychologist. For the past eight years I have worked for a dentist on Midland Avenue. Also in the mix is the Sports Official for 17 years!

Fond Memory - One of my more interesting sports game occurred one night at the Nyack School field. I was there to officiate a field hockey game - under the lights with a beautiful full moon reflecting off the school building. At halftime my mind flashed back over the years to where I was a cheerleader on this same field, looking at the school and remembering the Proms, the plays, and wonderful memories of friends and teachers - and here I am now standing on this field so many years later as an Official - it truly gave me goose bumps!

Travel/Vacation Highlights - Earlier in our marriage Mike was active in the American Bar Association. Their annual meetings took us to many interesting places. We traveled to Europe, visiting Germany, England, Switzerland, Holland, and Ireland. We visited Bermuda and we have traveled to California, Florida, Texas, Vermont, Arizona, and Canada.

Civic/Church/Political Activities - I do the treasurer's work for Grace's Thrift Shop which is our Grace Episcopal Church's Shop - located on Broadway - (where Yanko's was!)

Anything else that you may want to say - I have had a great life and enjoyed so many good times, good friends and wonderful adventures. I must explain one problem that I am now facing. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease. It's called Polycystic Liver and Kidney Disease. It is very uncommon - but the problem is my liver contains hundreds of cysts and they are growing - which makes me look quite pregnant! I have often looked up and said -"Now I know why I had 5 children, God - you wanted me to get comfortable with this look".

The only resolution for this is a liver transplant. I am thankful for each day and do count my blessings. This is a rare hereditary liver disease. If anyone can help me with new information or new medical techniques, knowledge of other people with it - whatever - do please let me know. I am currently under the care of a top liver doctor practicing at Mt. Sinai in New York. I would appreciate your prayers.

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