Nyack High School, Class of 1955


Nyack High School 60th Anniversary Reunion of the class of 1955.

September 25, 2016 at the TIME, High Ave, Nyack, NY


Alison Church Hyde and Helene "Ginger" Neuman Stoltze


Helen Sauter Coyle and Donald De Noyelles


Roy Kesting and Mary D'Auria Kesting


Bob and Marge Mock


Margie Ziegler Arlt, Bob Mock, Lilyan Scheibel Gray, Anne Tribert (St. Ann's)


Bill Schnakenberg


Carolyn Wolf Breland


Cristina Biaggi


Lilyan Scheibel Gray and Ann Tribert


Irene and Donald Thomas

Bob Samuels and Karen Brown


Don Thomas, Irene Thomas, Bob Mock, Bob Merkert, Margie Ziegler Arlt, and Marge Mock


Fred and Mary Fenton


John Cohen and Shelia Finan


Mike Growney and wife Betsy Mettler Growney


Carl Fabend


John Wanamaker


Helen Pforte DeGraw


Jane Ann Forte Jackson


Charlene Palmatier Niland and Margie Ziegler Arlt


Jerry and Petina Koblin


Anne Tribert and Bob Merkert


Marge Mock and Margie Ziegler Arlt


Helen Pforte DeGraw, Bob Mock, and Jane Ann Forte Jackson


Memorabilia and Information on Display at the Venue


Presentation on the New Tappen Zee Bridge

Graduation and other photos on Display


Watercolor Painting of the Bridge


Nostaglic Fun!


Congratulations to the Class of 1955!


More photos to come as I receive them.

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