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Liberty Street 6th Grade (6/3) Provided by Martin Roberts

First, the guy whose feet you see at the left and is visible in the mirror between the two windows is Anthony Toto. The teacher had fun with the mirror arrangement. Starting with Tony, the rest of the people against that wall are: Henry Bickert, Hank Israel, Richard Royster, and ??(boy).

Front left. Martin Roberts, behind and moving to the right in that row are: ? Robinson, Sam Shaw, William Wechsler, ??(girl)

In the next row back are: ??(girl), Audrey Thompson, Peter Valligny, Frances Walmsley, Richard Thompson, Sylvia Toto

Last the back row against the windows: Sylvia Spector, Roberta Frae, Courtney Smith, ?? (girl), Marie Cayot, Albert Osborn, Mickey Walters

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